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Commercial Roof Coatings

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Don't Replace Your Roof, Restore It.


18 Year Non-Prorated Manufacturer Warranty.


No Seams, No Gaps Equals No Leaks.


Our Coatings Resists Splitting & Rupturing.


Our Fabric Reinforces The Weakest Areas.


Make Your Commercial Roof Water Tight Permanently...

And Save Thousands Doing It!

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Solving Your Commercial Roofing Problems Has Never Been Easier.

With our diverse range of commercial roof coating options, We are confident that whatever problems your roof is having, we can resolve quickly and with minimal interruption to your daily business operations.

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Fortis Roofing Systems Is Certified As A Forensic Roof Inspection Company For The Nrcia.

It's No Surprise That Commercial Roofs

Can Be A Pain.

Problem # 1

Ponding water, UV damage, rusted fasteners and split seams all create leak hazards. Each leak WILL cost you time and money.

Problem # 2

Repairs are temporary solutions to a permanent problem. Cheap repairs lead to even more expensive problems and will eventually become a non-effective solution.

Problem # 3

Replacing your commercial roof can bear an extreme cost. Not to mention you're probably putting on the same system that failed you before. Instead, why not invest your roof maintenance funds on a system that is seamless and won't degrade and crack over time.

It's Time To Start Thinking Differently

ISO Board And Coating

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Coating With Full Fabric

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Coating Over Metal

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Pay Less

Avoid paying for a reroof when you only need to restore it. Our roof coating secures your roof and locks the weather out.

Deduct 100%

Our commercial roof coatings are 100% tax deductible under IRS section 179.

Stay Open

We know if you aren't open, you're losing money. That's why our process allows for minimal to no business interruption.

Lower Energy $

Our coatings have an 85% reflectivity rating, ultimately reducing energy costs all while providing a sustainable roof system.

Eliminate Reroofs

With our coatings, you can avoid having to reroof your building every ten to twenty years.


Unlike many roof coatings on the market today, ours is actually a system, therefore it will last without breaking down for many years.

Commercial Roof Coatings, Frequently Asked Questions

Is coating a roof a good idea?

Roof coatings are a great idea, IF your roof is a good candidate to receive a coating. There are a few things that have to be inspected and verified before committing to installing and warranting a roof coating system. Just to name a couple of the issues we have to inspect and verify, is that your current existing roof system is capable of receiving and bonding properly to a freshly installed roof coating. Also, we have to ensure that your roof's substrate is not holding moisture. These are just a few things that must be verified before we can begin to recommend a roof coating as a solution to your commercial or flat roof needs.

Can I coat my shingled roof?

The simple answer is that, coating over a shingle roofing system is a bad idea. Shingles are typically installed on sloped roofs, meaning that this system is now designed to shed water. Because shingles are overlapped at installation (by design), they do allow what is called capillary action. This is where water finds it way underneath the shingle. Because of the roofs sloped design, gravity helps pull that water down and ultimately off of your roof. If you coat the shingles with any roof coating at all, you may seal any openings or gaps in the field, but there will still be potential access points such as area requiring flashing, where water can get in. So, you essentially are trapping any moisture that makes it's way underneath the coating, ultimately guaranteeing that you will have deck rot and leaking. The last thing we want to mention is that by coating a shingle roof, you are lowering the permeability of the roof. Basically, you are taking away your roof's ability to allow vapor to escape your home.

Are there any known roof coating compatibility issues?

Absolutely. As briefly mentioned above, roof coatings cannot be installed over a wet substrate. You should also know that any acrylic based elastomeric coatings CANNOT be applied to any silicon based roof surface. If the presence of roof blisters are found, we recommend replacing the area(s) where blistering was found and then coating.

How long do roof coatings last?

Roof coating systems typically last 10-20 years, but in many cases have lasted much longer. It needs be said that a proper preparation of your roof has to be conducted as well as ensuring that you are using a full COATING SYSTEM instead of just applying a coating over your existing roof. Proper installation will also be vital to your roof coating systems longevity and performance. If everything was done properly and to manufacturer specifications, your roof coating system can simply be recoated at the end of the warranty cycle to begin a new warranty period.

How much does roof coating cost?

Many people will tell you roof coatings will be roughly $1- $4 per square foot to properly install a roof coating system. We have yet to see that come to fruition. That's probably because we actually use a complete roof coatings system. We do not cut corners to land a job. We would rather walk away from your job than offer you a product that has a greater chance of failure and or poor performance. With a true roof coating system, we are seeing prices range from $4 - $7 per square foot and even then, it depends on the product requirements, protrusions, obstacles and difficulty that your roof presents.

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